Dragonfly Trial Deployment at Apex Harmony Lodge

Posted 11/10/2021

Apex Harmony Lodge is a community committed to empowering lives affected by dementia since 1999, and is one of the top integrated dementia care facilities in Singapore. Apex Harmony Lodge provides both long-term residential care and community care services for persons with dementia. Able seniors experience an assisted vacationing lifestyle, while residents at later stages of dementia enjoy love and comfort through Namaste care principles.

A safer alternative to fogging

Apex Harmony Lodge’s commitment to provide the best care to their residents has motivated them to seek out alternative solutions like the O.R. Dragonfly to reduce the frequency of routine mosquito fogging operations. While the chemicals used in fogging have been tested and approved for safe use by NEA, there are still concerns that their elderly residents may be more sensitive to certain chemicals.

The O.R. Dragonfly is the world’s first autonomous mosquito trap and kill robot. Equipped with a full suite of high performance mosquito control features, our robots offer effective protection against mosquito bites, risk of dengue and other diseases. The robot attracts mosquitoes based on an effective combination of visual and olfactory cues. The motion of the robot further increases the robot’s attractiveness to mosquitoes; studies have shown that mosquitoes are attracted to moving targets more than stationary targets. In addition, a fan acts as a passive trap to suck mosquitoes that happen to be near the robot into an enclosed chamber, where they will be caught on an additional glue trap.

Deployment Trial Objectives

Our deployment team brought two of our O.R Dragonflies to Apex Harmony Lodge for a deployment trial that was held over four days. One of the main objectives of this trial deployment was to verify if Dragonfly could traverse around the outdoor areas of Apex Harmony Lodge without any assistance or human intervention. In addition, the team needed to ensure that Dragonfly could navigate autonomously to different way points without colliding into any staff or the structures and plants in the garden. The trial will also be used as a preliminary benchmark for the average number of mosquitoes that Dragonfly may catch per day.

Figure 1: O.R. Dragonfly at Apex Harmony Lodge

Promising Results from the Trial

Dragonfly successfully mapped Apex Harmony Lodge on the morning of the first day (see Figure 2), and the trial proceeded smoothly.

Figure 2: Dragonfly’s Map of Apex Harmony Lodge

The O.R. Dragonfly caught a total of 30 mosquitoes over four days. Please refer to Table 1 for the breakdown of the number of mosquitoes caught on each day.

Table 1: Number of mosquitoes caught on different days of the trial

Figure 3: Mosquitoes caught on the glue trap on Day 2

Future Plans

The favourable results from the trial show that Dragonfly would be a good solution that complements traditional methods of mosquito control like fogging, especially in cases where sensitivities to the chemicals used in fogging may be an issue, such as care facilities with elderly residents like Apex Harmony Lodge.

“The team comprising two Robot Software Engineers and a Robot Deployment Engineer led by the Business Development Manager was very professional & objective and extremely diligent in conducting the deployment trial from 10 Aug to 13 Aug 2021 that lasted into late hours of the night,” commented Mr. Richard Ang, Assistant Manager Operations, Apex Harmony Lodge.

“They introduced us to Dragonfly, carefully explained the modus operandi of the trial, religiously studied the ground, plotted the trial path/area, conducted the deployment and professionally gathered & presented the data/information, etc. for our consideration. They made the whole encounter a sweet and nice experience.”

“We can’t thank them enough.”

We are pleased that the trial was a success, and look forward to working with Apex Harmony Lodge and other care facilities in the future.

If you are interested in deploying Dragonfly or any of our other robots at your compound or facility, feel free to reach out to us!

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